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Kara is of Maori (Waikato, Ngāti Kahungunu, Te Arawa, and Ngāti Porou), Pacific Island Maori and Pakeha decent. Informed by all aspects of her heritage, Kara’s stylistically refined work is the result of a lifetime of absorbing and reducing key elements of cultural practice from multiple sources. 

Drawing from the past, Kara arrives grounded but not stuck. She does away with the associative genders attached to carving and textile work, as well as the fact that these mediums do not usually enter a fine art context. Instead, Kara see’s the commonalities between the mechanisms at play within each form; abstraction, geometric pattern and symmetry. Using these mechanisms, Kara pays homage to her ancestry, whispers stories to those who listen, and introduces her audience to abstract minimalist Maori carving as they have never seen it before.