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16 JAN – 09 FEB.2019


A group show by Kamini Nair, Cherie Mellsopp, Eddie Liao, Sharon Gleeson and Anuchika Auvaa

A different beat is a group show comprised of five artists from Kent St Studios (also known as Sandz gallery) located in Frankton. A community space, Kent St Studios provides a place for individuals with intellectual disabilities to work creatively by making art in a social environment. Kent St Studios have a strong ethos; to “encourage the development of individual, self-directed arts practice…in a caring and responsive environment… [through] experiential learning aimed at the competencies of each individual”.


Curated by Maree Glass, A different beat features the work of Anuchika Auvaa, Kamini Nair, Cherie Mellsopp, Eddie Liao and Sharon Gleeson. 





Anuchika Auvaa is the newest artist to Kent St Studios. Consumed with the facade of a particular Auckland based building (which she discovered on p.69 of an Artnews magazine), Anuchika repetitively portrays the structure in pen and coloured pencil on paper. Softened by Anuchika’s wrist rubbing gently over the works as they are created, these irregular grids appear like hand-loomed textiles, in rich palettes or simply pen and pencil. 




Karmini’s prolific practice has seen her a finalist in the New Zealand Painting and Printmaking Award as well as being featured in the 2014, nationwide, “I am an Artist” campaign, run by Arts Access Aotearoa. Large-scale, lush and vibrant compositions of flowers are characteristic of Karmini’s practice. Working in acrylic on both canvas and paper, Karmini’s works feel lawless, joyous and exuberant. 





Known for her repetitive grid-like drawings, Cherie has been a finalist in numerous art awards including the Parkin Drawing Prize and the IHC Art Awards (winning first prize in 2009). Drawing atop a variety of surfaces such as circular stickers which blanket the page, or flat, opaque paint applied evenly to paper, Cherie’s work is an exploration of materiality. Intricate details, Cherie’s use of positive and negative space and a refined palette create a synergy which is harmonious and visually pleasing. 




Eddie Liao has been attending Kent St Studios since mid 2014. With a love for still life, Eddie focuses on rendering an accurate depiction of his subject matter - in this series, floral arrangements. Meticulously made, Eddie’s practiced method is satisfyingly ordered. Working atop painted black paper in an array of colours, these still life’s tell of time spent and a honed practice.  





“Sharon’s body of work reflects her interest in architecture. Her carefully crafted cityscapes are located somewhere between documentation and fantasy, revealing her idealised responses to known environments” (Kent St Studios, website). Sharon’s compositions are inviting and village-like with towering trees that are dispersed amongst stacked houses. Sharon works predominantly in acrylic on paper, sometimes using markers to articulate her communities.