13 MAR – 06 APR.2019


A group show by Di Tocker, Jennie De Groot,
Steph Chalmers, Emily Rumney 

FOUR is an exhibition of several of our most adept local artists; Jennie De Groot, Di Tocker, Steph Chalmers and Emily Rumney. More involved than most, the FOUR artists have not only created the work for the exhibition but have also curated the show. Working in paint, glass, textiles, wood and print, the artists settled on a palette to ensure they produced a cohesive exhibition. This is not the only overlap within FOUR.

A recording of the ephemeral floats through the exhibition, juxtaposed against stillness. Tocker’s series, SUBMERGE, captures the turbulent surface of dancing white water whilst giving us a slice of the calm body below. This inertia follows through into the strands of fringe in Chalmers’ work, TE WAIHOU, which appear similarly affected by the elements, jumping and springing into position. Working in paint, De Groot captures fleeting moments of light whilst Rumney’s THE RISE AND FALL gives hints of lyricism and movement, especially with sixth piece of the work which was taken from the hip of a guitar. The idea of captured moments permeates through the exhibition, imbuing a sense of passing time and nostalgia. 


Working from photographs in conjunction with plein air sketches, De Groot seeks tension between realism and abstraction in herwork, a ‘sweet spot’. In IF YOU COULD STOP TALKING, I COULD THINK De Groot arranges a set of square works at varying heights, allowing the landscape to spill on and flow through the five boards. This is interesting alongside Chalmers’ work MIDNIGHT FLOAT, which is of a similar palette (tonal gradations of Payne’s grey). Fabric dyed and smattered with paint is folded and vertically stacked, and when sitting next to the work of De Groot’s, becomes a wondrous exploration of the landscape which pushes the linear quality of the show. Tocker’sHIGH HOME series develops upon this further as structures which are firmly grounded, followed by Rumney’s meticulously crafted wooden works.

Process is a key theme within the exhibition, not due to the similarity of processes used, but due to the elevation of materials and the processes that they demand. Diligently planned and laborious, Tocker’s works take months to realise as she works from positive to negative and back again. De Groot’s on the other hand are created at pace before sitting for weeks of contemplation with their maker. Rumney veneers and masks her sculptural works with patience, calculating decisions before they are made whilst Chalmers’ works appear more playful and responsive.

Visually and materially diverse, FOUR is an exhibition of the work of four friends who have created a cohesive exhibition through conversations over time. These works intersect at thought-provoking moments which are both surprising, intriguing and unique. We are thrilled to host this highly considered exhibition at Weasel Gallery.


Jennie De Groot as a background in both archaeology and anthropology. De Groot has exhibited extensively throughout New Zealand as well as been a finalist in several notable national awards. De Groot currently works full time as a painter from her studio in Hamilton.


Di Tocker completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts, majoring in glass, through R.M.I.T (Melbourne) from 2000–2002. Tocker has exhibited extensively throughout New Zealand and currently works full time as a cast glass artist from her studio in Cambridge.


Steph Chalmers completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts, majoring in printmaking, through the Otago Polytechnic School of Art (Dunedin) from 1998-2001. Chalmers has exhibited her own work and curated exhibitions extensively throughout the Waikato. Chalmers currently co-owns the Framing House in Hamilton East.


Emily Rumney was the workshop manager for Hamilton’s largest art supplies and framing store for eight years until she moved into the museum sector to manage exhibition preparation and installation. Rumney has exhibited throughout the Waikato and currently co-owns the Framing House in Hamilton East.

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