15 – 31 MAR.2018


Immortal Child (Ka-lani Ianusi)

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Self-named Immortal Child, is an epithet in the positive sense, created to express the playful, exploratory, disjointed and limitless imagination of a child. Also known as Ka-lani Ianusi, Immortal Child is a multidisciplinary Waikato based artist who describes herself as inherently creative, however it has only been over the past seven years that she has been creating habitually. Outside of the educative system, Immortal Child has developed her own distinct and identifiable style. Mer and Birdman is Immortal Childs first solo exhibition, where she allows us to enter her innermost world to explore a mythical narrative of lineage communicated through paint, photography and projections.

Inspirited by music and physical items which provoke a sense of nostalgia, Immortal Child looks primarily to her immediate environment for inspiration and materials. This aligns with her concept of self, as Immortal Child, at the mercy of the provisions of the mother and the father. With this ingenious and resourceful state of mind, she frees herself from creative barriers, espousing the belief that she will always have enough to create. The concept of Mer and Birdman was conceived in the same vein, as her story came from within. With a strong belief that the stories of our origins are stored within our DNA, Immortal Child accessed her subconscious through various dream states. She describes the storage of these narratives within her as resembling a disorganised library, which feels like the memory of a child. Immortal Child has unpacked these narratives and ordered them in a sensical way for us to experience through Mer and Birdman.

On entering Weasel, the viewer is presented with two opposing semicircle works, introducing the dichotomous nature of Immortal Child’s beginnings. Here, the right hemisphere of the brain faces the left hemisphere, darkness faces light, female faces male. Much like the age-old tale of Dionysus and Apollo, both are necessary for harmony and balance. In continuation of the concept, Immortal Child physicalises these energies with deities Mer and Birdman. Mer, an endearment for mermaid, the mother, garners energy from below, in darkness, which actualises through vibration. Inhabiting fertile water, she is the giver of life. Birdman, presented in light, warm tones is the farther who looks down from above.

The narrative which follows is an exploration of the joining of the dualities through their imagined progenies. Through the lineage we are moved away, incrementally, from the polarising nature of Mer and Birdman to consider balance through union. Immortal Child introduces the idea of androgyny, through the child, with the genderless single cell, full of possibility. In continuation of this idea, Immortal child asks us to inverse our understanding of creation; although it seems we must begin with the mother and the father, it must also be considered that the idea of these dualities is reliant upon the idea of the child.

The narrative of Mer and Birdman is explored predominantly through paint, however the key to this mythical creation story is revealed and elucidated by the photographic works. The photographs, which are presented throughout the exhibition, are working documentations of process which reveal the proximity of the relationship between Mer, Birdman and Immortal Child. With the codes/glyphs projected directly onto her skin, Immortal Child shows us how she understands herself within her environment.

Mer and Birdman is an intimate story, told through visual symbols, as Immortal Child walks the line between myth and reality. To learn more about the inner world of Immortal Child and her art making process please join us at Weasel for an artist talk at 11am on Saturday

the 24th of March.

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