5 – 21 APR.2018


A solo show by Vincent Langford

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The meditation rings in with a chime of woe and beauty combined

Plasters repairing damages passed

Colours, some soothing some brash
Physical world with mental world
Sometimes you’re in the spiritual
Sometimes the spiritual is in you
Objects take on roles beyond the rational as we put our minds to them for meaning
My painting is willing your attention to the subtle power in beauty
For to take a moment, as you find it

Langford, 2018.

O.K. NO is an exhibition by Auckland based artist, Vincent John Langford who is a self-proclaimed cynic, naturalist, gardener, bird spotter, beauty spotter and painterly type. Langford has always considered himself creative, adopting painting as a method of “using up the excess creative force that caffeine’s its way around [his] person”. Cognisant of his own idiosyncrasies, the artist can find himself in conversations where his questions become his answers. This can be a chore for the listener as [his] conversation fulfils itself, with you as the spectator. Working on two dimensional surfaces, Langford exchanges words for paint, and works through the conversation in solitude, as a form of meditation. O.K. NO bears its name as a reference to the mental state of decision, and indecision, as part of the human experience. Through O.K. NO, Langford acknowledges and accepts vacillation, and sits amongst the possibilities around him. Here, he extends an offer for you to do the same.

Langford creates his world through oils and pencil (on board and canvas), which have a dreamscape feel. He achieves this through play, between his subconscious and his conscious mind. Human figures, animal silhouettes, and surreal landscapes are created which exist as habitats for the living. Langford describes these as “…a kind of water or air, somewhere they appear to belong”. These landscapes are built through drawing and underpainting, in a negotiable manner, until they settle. Throughout this process, Langford is searching for an authentic environment, one which instils a real belief in the cultures and practices inherent to the place.

Within these habitats Langford houses his figures, who are most often in the company of at least one other being. These humans and animals share the same space intimately, imbuing a sense of kinship which is supportive, yet at times burdensome. This can be seen in the work Goat Yellow, where the animal pushes its convex back against the spine of the seated woman. Here, the goat symbolises an idea which leans heavy on its holder but also offers possibility. The human forms within the works appear gender neutral or female (rarely male), as the artist depicts the feeling of his own subconscious. The animals address human traits, symbolising the push/pull between instinct and control. A re-occurring icon presented within O.K. NO are birds which for Langford, represent trying to capture and hold seemingly elusive ideas. This is illustrated in Hold that Thought, where the long-feathered animal stares back into the eyes of his captor, not only bound by his arms, but also caught in the tent like structure.

O.K. NO is a personal exhibition where Langford delves inward and invites the viewer to come along. Make meaning where you will, from the dreamscapes and abstractions, let your imagination roam uncontrolled. There is a subtle power in beauty.

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